Members of Administrative Board

Ahmad Ajeena

Dr. Ahmed S M Agena.
Chairman of administrative board
Assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences.
From: Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Abdulhameed Zinbeel

Abdulhameed Zinbeel.
Lecturer in the field of Human Resources Planning.
Institute of Higher Studies Planning.
Muhammad Haddood

Mohammad Haddood.
Lecturer in the field of Engineering of Material Sciences.
From: University of Belgrade, Serbia.


Muhammad Alganga

Mohammad Al-Ganga.
M.A. in Electronics Engineering and Information Technology.
From: Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Basheer Bshena

Basheer Bshena.
Master in Comparative Law.
Responsible for Political and Legal Committee of the center.


Najy Ibraheem

Najy Al-Mabrouk.
Higher Diploma in COmputer Sciences.
Administrator of the website of the center.